<> used in having Human hairs or Synthetic fibers) implanted into Imitation Skin (CW2440-FSS-MHI ) in thickness of 0.37mm or 0.48mm in order to make Skin Parting pieces or Skin Crown pieces of Machine Made Ladies' Wigs

<> Price: Please email us for quotation.


CW440-HI is not used for making Men's Hairpieces ( Toupees) which are to be made by " HAND-TIE (HAND KNOTTING, OR HAND INJECTION), NOT BY MACHINE.

( A few factories internationally make Skin pieces with machines just like OUR CW440-HI which can be ordered/used/worn as Skin base of Toupees or Skin-base Wigs as a PU skin toupees in partial sizes or full head sizes. But, the hair directions can not be created naturally as much as the real PU Skin Toupees.)

Hairs can not be implanted onto Nets or Laces of Wigs or Toupees by machine sewing.

Our CW440-HI can not be used in implanting inot nets or laces.
Some people have wrong idea that Silk Top is made by machine implanting on silk-like nets.

Since 2016, we can not buy brand new (entirely new) Sewing Head we need in making CW440-HI
because the production of the sewing head was stopped a few year ago, and there is none in stock in the factory and at retial shops any longer.

We can buy only second hand (used) sewing heads from sewing machine shops downtown.

In fact, there is only one brand of sewing head suitable for making CW440-HI made by a Japanese Sewing Head company. But, the price of Japanese brand-new sewing head is too much expensive to use in making CW440-HI.

Of course, IF YOU WANT, we can make CW440-HI with the Japanese Sewing head.

( Meanwhile, the price of Japanese brand-new sewing head is too much expensive to use in making CW440-HI.

After we buy a sewing head, we make the sewing head re-conditoned by changing a dozen of inside
parts of it with brand new & custom made parts needed in hair implanting, and we produce CW440-HI with brand-new table, a brand-new motor, a brand new table, a brand new hair implanting device, a brand new legs, etc.

When we buy a second hand sewing head, we have the sewing head polished (and painted) to look just like 80% or 90% of a brand-new one, not same as a new on, but much similar to a new one.

When we make CW440-HI with the second hand Sewing Head with dozens of new parts including a brand new motor, a brand new table, brand new hair implanting device, brand new legs, etc, the price is ????/pc FOB Korea (Air-port) including Wooden Case packing, Carriage to Korea port, extra charges taken by a forwarding company in Korea.

Meanwhile, the CW440-HI can not be operated without Hands-On-Training.

Please be sure to be informed that it is impossible to operate with any manual or videos.

RE: HANDS-ON-TRAINING how to operate, how to implant hairs into imitation skin(CW2440-FSS-MHI), and make Skin Top, Skin Part, Skin Crown of machaine made wigs in Human Hair, or Synthetic fiber N CROWN ( of Machine Made Wigs)

1) Our Hands-On-Training fee: ?
For quotation of our Hands-On-Training Fee, please email us.

2) Hands-On-Training Period : 2 days ( or 3 days for more practice )

<> For details of our Flat Skin Sheet, CW2440-FSS, please click here.

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